Minnesota Vikings Fan Strands™

Steph Poses with her Purple and Gold Fan Strands™ by WEST COAST HAIR® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions

Stephanie shows her love for the Minnesota Vikings with her purple and gold hair extensions.

Fan Strands™ by WEST COAST HAIR® are team colored hair extension strands of real 100% human hair. The extension strands are attached using a glue-free soft natural hair extension bond. Fan Strands™ can be worn for many months, washed and styled just like your own hair. Removal is fast and easy; chemical and damage-free.

Hair Extensions Safe for Thin, Fine, Damaged Hair

Rhonda’s Testimonial for West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions

When I met Rhonda, I thought, This girl is beautiful! But I could see that her hair needed help.

She has this terrible disease, called Lupus, which means she has to take medication and this medication has wrecked her hair! Her hair has become brittle and thin and weak. She was desperate for a solution.

She began to wear clip-in hair extensions which were terrible for her hair!

Because she wore them continuously and even slept in them (a big no no!) they pulled at the same hairs and caused these little bald spots!

I was so glad to be able to help her using West Coast Hair®.

I explained to her how I created this very special hair extension bond to be gentle on the hair. I did this so that hair extensions could be worn by those of us with thin, fine, and processed hair and worn more permanently, overnight and in the shower. So we always had the beautiful hair on our head with the hair extensions, for many months, without any fuss.

Like Rhonda’s, my own hair had so much damage when I started, but over a period of a few years, I had grown my hair longer and fuller and even while wearing my hair extensions!

Rhonda was excited to try them. And, as I guessed she would, she loved them! She’s continued to wear the hair extensions and her hair has seen so much improvement over the many installations of the hair extensions over the past couple years. I have pics from Rhonda’s first year wearing the safe, non-damaging hair extension system here.)

I am so glad West Coast Hair® was able to help Rhonda get back the hair she so desperately wanted!


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Minneapolis Hair Extensions: Before and After Soft Bonds

Hair Extensions in Minneapolis: West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions

So many times girls ask me, “Are the hair extensions okay for my fine, thin hair?”

It’s easy to know why so many wonder and ask me, will hair extensions further damage my hair or cause it to break?”

And I tell them hair extensions can be very safe to wear in thin hair, fine hair, even damaged or over-processed hair. Three points you will want to consider in getting hair extensions.

- the hair extension product

- the hair extension process

- the hair extension removal

A thorough review of these will help you determine if you can wear hair extensions, what kind is best for your thin hair and how you can get great, natural-looking results in your fine and/or broken or chemically processed hair.

The Hair Extension Product

Tiffany Twist’s West Coast Hair® uses the very best in human, remy extension hair. Very expensive virgin hair is acquired and used for your installing so you can have fantastic, sleek, tangle-free hair extension wear for many months and up to a year with proper care for re-use of the extension hair, if desired. The attachments are created using Tiffany Twist’s own patent-pending method of applying the hair extensions and a natural, safe, non-toxic soft bond created from naturally-occurring lipids and infused with Color-Lock so your bonds never become white and flaky as in glue-based fusion hair extension products.

The Hair Extension Process

West Coast Hair® is a fast cooling, gentle soft bond created from and infused with natural and non-toxic ingredients which form a soft casing that allows your hair to move within it eliminating pulling and breakage, slicing and cutting as can happen with traditional glue-based, fusion hair extension methods as well as metal clips and metal micro link hair extension processes. The strand-by-strand hair extensions allow movement for natural-looking (not extension-y) results. They are the longest wearing hair extension method and give you great value for your money.

The Hair Extension Removal

West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bonds are removed from the natural hair after 3-6 months gently, without the use of harsh chemicals and garage tools. The bonds are broken apart gently to allow for little pulling and no breaking of the natural hair and the extension can be re-used and re-worn for another full install saving cost, expense and waste.

Considering 70% of American woman complain their hair is too flat, limp and thin, it is no wonder we want to find solutions best for pour hair. Hair extensions are great for adding volume and can be done safely when taking into consideration all aspects of hair extension wear and removal. Tiffany Twist’s West Coast Hair® offers a gentle, comfortable strand-by-stand hair extension alternative to allow a natural, chemical-free means to give your hair more volume and lift allowing you to feel better, more confident and forever youthful! Contact Tiffany Twist to book your hair extension consultation today!


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