What are strand by strand hair extensions?

Strand-by-strand hair extensions are very small bundles of extension hair attached to small bundles of your own natural hair which, after many strands have been added, produce a most natural-looking, natural-moving flow of hair via the extension from your own giving the appearance that very long, youthful hair is growing from your own head.

Why strand by strand hair extensions?

Stand-by-strand hair extension methods are also typically found to be the most comfortable and most natural-looking way to wear hair extensions. This is the hair extension method and process most popular amongst celebrity and those with the utmost in taste and selectivity.

How are these different from other strand by strand methods?

The West Coast Hair® method of applying hair extensions uses its own U.S. manufactured bonding product. It is a soft bond product developed by Tiffany Twist and uses a patent-pending technique created by the same. This natural soft bond hair extension product contains no glues, no fusion, no adhesives which can be found in keratin, hot and cold fusion, and traditional fusion hair extension processes. 

You can remove these bonds easily without tools or chemicals which means it is better for your natural hair and scalp and allows you to re-use your extension hair for subsequent hair extension installations, if you'd like.

Is THE BOND™ fusion?

No, it is not fusion, nor does this product contain any of the adhesives, adhesive wax, protein, keratin or hot glues.  The West Coast Hair® natural and non-toxic bonding process developed by Tiffany Twist.

How are they different from fusion hair extensions?

Although the finished result is the same—long, natural-looking, flowing human hair—the product used to attach the hair is very different than fusion and uses no fusion products to achieve the attachment of the additions of human hair to your own hair.

WCH—THE BOND™ is a natural and non-toxic mixture which dries to a completely secure attachment. When removing, THE BOND™ uses NO harsh chemical dissolvents or metal tools which means a safer process for your hair and scalp and allows you to re-use your extension hair.

How is this different from hair extensions that damage hair?

With the West Coast Hair® glue-free bonding product for hair extensions you can amazingly remove a single natural hair from the bond without breaking it and this is impossible to do with fusion and other hot and cold fusion, glue and adhesive products used for attaching hair extensions!

The bond is so gentle that our clients have seen faster and more hair growth while wearing our hair extensions! 

West Coast Hair®’s THE BOND™ is so secure that many, many clients report no loss and little to no shedding of the extension hairs through many months of washing and wearing!  Finding yourself a certified WCH stylist provider will give you hair extensions that you can rely on, long hair that you will love, and without compromise, without damage, without harming, your natural hair!

How do I take the hair extensions out?

The bond can be cracked by hand to remove the extension bundle without tools or chemicals allowing you to re-use that hair. 

The only bond left on your natural hair after removal is what has become tangled in your natural shed hairs. Your stylist carefully combs through the tangles known to happen in strand-by-strand methods and removes all remaining bond.

Your hair is then washed clean. No chemicals are used on your scalp or fragile hairs upon removal and with this system.

The hair extension removal is so simple, so non-complex, it can even be performed on ones own if one pleases saving time and expense.

How long can I wear the hair extensions?

You can wear the extensions until you remove them. The high-quality remi extension hair will give you the sleek and silky hair you want throughout your wear.

Depending on your hair growth and particular care routine, 3-4 months is recommended for quite short hair.  4-6 months is typical for strand methods and fine for West Coast Hair as well. 4-6 months of wear is easier for those beginning with at least 5 inches of hair to begin with.

Can I color my hair while wearing the extensions?

You can color/foil any of the hair that is not bonded.

Can the hair be ponytailed and manipulated into an up-do?

Easily and unnoticeably!  Wear pigtails, braids, ponytails.  These are all very comfortable to wear with the hair extensions. A portion of your hair is left out, along the scalp-line. The extensions are placed just behind the hairline and blend as such that no extension attachments are visible. Ponytails, messy buns and any manner of up-dos can be worn discreetly with hair extensions.

Do I need to use special shampoo and other products?

West Coast Hair® ‘s THE HAIR™ can be washed normally and the bonds withstand shampoos and conditioners.

It is recommended that conditioners and gels or mousses are kept off the bonds as best as possible and that the bonds are rinsed very well after washing.

Non-sulfate products are best for the hair as sulfates can dry the extension hair.

Never wash your extension hair with stripping shampoos or clarifiers.

How long does my hair have to be to wear the hair extensions?

You can wear the extensions as long as you have hair to attach to, a couple inches at least.  We have successfully added to hair as short as an inch but keep in mind that there isn't any covering hair and the bonds would show.  A hat and scarf could be used to hide these bonds if desired. 

Hair that is at least 4-5 inches in length is optimal for blending and covering the hair extension bonds.

I am allergic to most glues and bonds, is this different?

Yes, the WCH bonding product uses no glues or adhesives. The product uses natural and non-toxic as well as cosmetic-grade ingredients. They are safe materials and typically show absolutely no allergic reactions or issues from those allergic to other glue and fusion processes.

Even so, it is ALWAYS recommended you do an allergy test before using and installing. Also rinse remaining bond residue from your scalp and skin after removal to guard against any irritation.

Will I feel the hair extensions?

If you are not used to wearing extensions, you may feel them the first night, but will be surprised at the comfort and unnoticeable wear achieved with the West Coast Hair® hair extensions.

The extensions are somewhat flexible and will shape to your head while wearing and sleeping. This means NO hard glue blobs poking into your head, NO metal clips irritating the scalp! 

The flexibility of THE BOND means you can comfortably wear the hair extensions day after day, month after month and rarely realize they are even there!

Are WCH hair extensions for me?

Strand-by-strand hair extensions require a bit of care when wearing. Every few days you will want to separate your strands as they grow out and keep them from tangling around each other.

Although the high-quality remi extension hair is easy to care for and doesn't tangle, you must comb your extension hair daily and care for your hair over all. If you are not the type to put the effort into your investment you probably should not wear the hair extensions.

Will the hair extensions harm my hair?

This is not glue or fusion but a one-of-a-kind soft bonding system. The soft bonds allow your hair to move while wearing the extensions making it the safest hair extension method to date. There are no metals as in micro-link extensions and no hot or cold glues as in fusion hair extension methods. Metals slice at the hair and fusion scan pull or tear out hair during removal.

WCH—THE BOND™ glue-free bonding product amazingly does not attach to your hair. Even strays can be carefully pulled from the bond without tearing or pulling the natural hair.  Proper application and care is required for you to get the most of your hair extension wear and without any harm to your own hair. 

The West Coast Hair® process and bonding system is a very secure application but is so gentle on your hair that you will see only longer, fuller, more healthy hair after you remove the hair extensions!

How much do West Coast Hair® hair extensions cost?

This varies in each location and typically according to your stylist pricing. Prices typically range from volume only services at $350 to length plus volume services for full, long hair nearing the waistline for up to $1150 and more. A handful of highlights, color, or glitter strands can give you a subtle or bold change for just around $99.

Do remember there is an incredible amount of training and labor involved in applying hair extensions. The process takes many hours to apply correctly and with the desired natural looking result. Also keep in mind that the pricing for hair extension products can get very expensive, especially if you are looking for 100% tangle-free human hair. The better the hair, the less a pain it is to take care of and prices do reflect as such.

Plan to spend a few hundred dollars just on the hair you will wear and for quality product you can reuse if you choose.

Hair extensions are a definite investment but usually well worth the dollars as they produce an amazing end result that raises our confidence.

Can I sleep in the hair extensions?

Yes, a loose ponytail or braid is recommended when sleeping. A silk or satin pillowcase can help guard against tangling and matting.


How do I care for the hair extensions?

You may wash your extensions (with a sulfate free, non clarifying shampoo) and condition when needed and comb daily (when dry.)

You will wash with your head tilted back at all times.

You will never sleep with wet hair.

You will separate your bonds to keep them from tangling around each other.

Don't remove extensions while your hair is wet.

Also follow all of your stylists care tips and recommendations for the best, optimal wear of your extensions.