BRAVO!sThe Real Housewives and 5-6 Hour Hair Extensions

Strand-by-strand hair extensions take a very long time to install, sometimes 5-6 hours, and I bet you wonder how on earth we can apply the hair extensions for that many hours, or who's sitting through this service! What are we all thinking?

First, why we, as hair extension installers, love to spend the day installing hair extensions.

Tops, it's because we know you will love your hair! We also know you should have little problems and very low maintenance with the hair extensions we apply. Strand-by-strand hair extensions are the MOST comfortable, long-lasting, natural-looking hair extension you can get. They are the hair extensions chosen by the wealthy and celebrity when it comes to permanent hair extension wear. For sure, clip-in hair extensions probably can serve the purpose of fuller, longer hair fast, but you won't be wearing them in the shower, to bed, or even the beach for that matter. When it comes to wearing hair extensions day by day, it is a permanent strand method you will want to get. One 5-6 hour installation of strand hair extensions will offer you 4-6 months of hair extension wear. This is a long time of wearing the hair extensions and totally worth the time it takes to put them in.

Next, I'll help you see how we can spend the day installing hair extensions or how you, as the hair extension client, might be able to deal with 5-6 hours of having your hair done.

At West Coast Hair®, we have a secret time-flyer weapon we use for full-head install days. (Which by the way are super mentally and physically intense and take a day or 2 for us, as installers, to recover from. Crazy, huh?)

So, to get the time to fly, we typically watch episode after episode of Bravo!'s The Real Housewives (although we sometimes switch this up with documentaries and classic movies—we love Breakfast at Tiffany's—or maybe a comedy, if the mood suits our client) but The Real Housewives really takes the cake in its use to keep the time flying during our hair extension applications.

One of the fun things to do while watching The Real Housewives of…(insert Orange County, Beverly Hills, NY, New Jersey, wherever :)) is to spot a "unbe-weave-able" hair extension fails. This might be spotting a strand of extension hair in the natural hair, seeing a track or weft of hair extensions in the hair, spying out some snarly, messed up extension hair forming a "ball" at the base of a hair extension wearers head, hair faux pas we, as discreet hair extension wearers, want to try to avoid :)


Can you see the small (what looks to be a micro-link) lighter-colored, foreign object in Vickie's (The Real Housewives of Orange County) hair? You can almost see the strands of hair coming from it, too? It's just fun to spot this stuff. It helps make you aware of your hair in a whole new way and, for us at West Coast Hair®, we are always so pleased at how unnoticeable our hair extension method and product is. There are times during consulting we are showing our hair extension bonds (we all wear this product, too!) to a potential client and they cannot even see the attachments, even when we point directly to it! Now that is discreet hair extension bonding!

At West Coast Hair®, we love The Real Housewives and want to thank all of these beautiful women for hours and hours of great entertainment while we endure the painstaking process of applying hair extensions. Amy, who travels in for the hair extensions with her daughter, just posted: 'thanks so much for everything yesterday! Megan's hair is always. I am now hooked on Housewives of Orange County..I need to look into getting those episodes so I can catch up! We made it home safely and talked about how much we enjoyed our spending time with you! Love what you and your product do for my daughter!!!'


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