Soft Bonding Hair Extensions in Minneapolis



This picture above is right after installing a strand of extension hair (additional hair) and is the most visible these West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bonds will ever be. From this point on they will tighten as they cure (typically 24-48 hours but this can continue for days beyond that) which will make them smaller and even less visible.

West Coast Hair® Natural Soft Bond Hair Extensions have 5 "main" colors of bonding material. From this we are able to custom mix the colors to produce a very close direct match of the clients root hairs where the hair extension attachments will be. The hair extension bonds become nearly invisible in your hair as your hair extension wear time continues (up to 4-6 months).


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Soft bonding is a hair extension process and product created by Tiffany Twist exclusively to her hair extension companies. Now is your time to experience WEST COAST HAIR®. Maybe you have worn all the glue, fusion, micro-link hair extensions and you are still unsatisfied. Maybe you know, there has to be something better. There is and we are very excited to share it with you! Maybe you are brand new to hair extensions and you care so much for your hair you are researching every hair extension method available to you. If so, we are so excited to tell you about WEST COAST HAIR® and its safe hair extension bonding product and long-lasting and discreet hair extension technique. Let us know if you have questions or use our consultation form to begin inquiring for your hair extension appointment here.